Genius Hour

Its going great with my project! Its a hard topic. I’ve been struggling a little bit, but I’ll get there I hope. Haven’t really set up my website yet, but I’ve got the title and the topics. I get mad a lot because I don’t know what were supposed to do and so I just don’t do it no more I log off the computer, but I hope this week I can at least get the topics and website set up. Don’t you think? I haven’t really searched anything up for my project so I don’t really know a lot of stuff or can’t really talk about it, also because I’ve been working on something else besides my project and I also get mad with my other stuff. I know but I think Language Arts is the class that I don’t get anything done, well sometimes I can get my things done just not the project or the thing were working on in class called, ” NoRedInk.”

So that’s all I got to say but next blog I’ll write will have more about what I’m working on my project and talk about it more!

See You Again BYE!!!

College Life

Visiting Iowa Lakes was fun and I would like to tell you guys a little about it! What I liked about Iowa Lakes was the fruit pizza, it was so DELICIOUS!! It was nice and it seemed a lot of fun to go to. It was alright there was a lot of classes there and a book fair going on  but I don’t think I will go there for college I was thinking to become a nurse not a mechanic, but it will be nice to learn something instead of driving to a mechanic place I could fix my own car and at least save some of money. I thought the swimming pool would be big but its fine,  I wanted to jump in once I saw it! The lunchroom is different and they don’t give you trays like they give us here in Fort Dodge Middle School, but instead they give you a plate. The children activity was really fun, we got to see students working on science experiment and we got to watch and play with it, it was really fun!! We got to go to the farm and it smelled bad but it was fun to see the cows go “Moo!”  The people who gave us a tour were really nice and it was fun to see how it looked like. The dorms were big to me you could at least fit three beds in there, they had their own big closet and a bathroom. You have to complete 15 credits before graduation in courses you take at Iowa Lakes. It was fun to see how the college life is at Iowa Lakes Community College.

Stop Child Abuse!

I decided that I´m going to stick with this topic and learn more about it and what can we do to prevent Child Abuse. Why is this topic important to me?  This topic is important to me because it hurts looking at pictures that have children bruised, burned, whipped. My goals for this topic/project is, I hope people out there notice that its bad to abuse children. I want to see more kids getting to a safer place or kids in foster care. I Hope to talk to DHS for more information and hope to talk to kids who suffered this.

What gives the people the rights to abuse children if they did not commit anything. Why is it so hard to understand that child abuse is wrong! Child abuse can have damaging effects . Children at all kind of ages get abused not just four years old. Its so sad. Now who wants to put Child Abuse to a stop!!

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Week 10

On my blog I have published six blogs. Well, all of them were school related, they were all part of the Student Blogging Challenge. I received eight comments from teachers and  I received more comments from students than teachers and only one person commented on one of my blog, that is not from Fort Dodge Middle School. The one that had most comments was Online vs. Offline and I think people commented a lot was maybe because its a topic that people have to talk about and what kind do they think they are. My favorite post I liked writing about was Put A End To Child Abuse because, I know that some people feel the same way and want to stop its a topic to write about and what you think will help to put a end to it. No, I don’t think so that I changed my theme. No widgets. Only one oversea person commented on my post. I don’t know what web tools I used.













Did you know that tornadoes kill about 60 people every year from falling debris, or from getting whipped around by a violent tornado.  Some of the tornadoes are twenty-nine percent tenacious, and they account for thirty percent of all deaths caused by a tornado. Tornado has a wind speed up to 110-205 miles per hour, its approximately two hundred feet across, and travels a mile before dissipating.

Tornadoes form a unusually violent thunderstorm when there is sufficient, instability and wind shear in the lower atmosphere. There various types of tornadoes include the multiple vortex tornado, and waterspout. Tornadoes have been observed on every continent except Antarctica! Tornadoes can have a range of numbers, depending on the environment in which they form.Those that form in dry environments can be nearly invisible, marked only by swirling debris at the base of the funnel. Funnels that pick up little or no debris can be gray to white. While traveling over a body of water (as a waterspout), tornadoes can turn very white or even blue. Tornadoes vary in intensity regardless of shape, size, and location, though strong tornadoes are typically larger than weak tornadoes.

Here are some facts about Tornadoes:

~ Tornadoes only last for a few minutes.

~Every tornado has its own shape, sound, and color.

~The most powerful tornadoes occur in the United States.


Here are the websites I used to get my information:



I have been searching for blogs to read and I would like to comment and now I am reading about a 13 year old boy names Jaden’s  and I read his post and its really interesting..he said that Hot Dogs are one of the top Americans food that they eat. His blog here. 

Here is another person that I visited and had pretty interesting facts about, how Halloween started and how it came to America, also why it was celebrated and it was a Prezi presentation which was amazing by the way .

Here is another blog that I read and her post about her is very interesting and we have somethings in common and let me tell you something she sure does a lot of activities.

Here is another girl that I was interested in she likes playing volleyball and that’s one thing we have in common and she likes running and I do when I am free.

Here is another person named Katilyn and they like red or green.



The Most Popular Food in my Country?


SONY DSCThe most popular food in America would be french fries. French fries are very toxic. French fries must be cooked at high temperatures. French fries are usually served crispy or soft. There generally eaten part of lunch or dinner or sometimes served as a snack, but french fries are commonly appear on menu´s of fast food restaurants. If you get large french fries its about five-hundred calories and six (g) of protein and twenty-four (g) of fats.  A lot of people in America love french fries…especially at McDonald´s. I love french fries and I would love to have that as my meal everyday..but remember you also have to stay healthy.

My memory with my Family!!

My favorite memory with my family that will last forever is when we went to Omaha, Nebraska as a big family! My family is pretty big, the total of my family is two brothers, four sisters, and a baby but we don´t know if its a girl or a boy, also I have my dad and my mom, so the total is nine people living with me. I do love them all the same, I mean we argue sometimes, but that does not mean we love each other. I remember when we went to go and visit our dad in Omaha,NE…we stayed there for a week and a half!! We went the Omaha Zoo it was really fun, we also went to Mexican restaurant its was called Rivera’s Mexican Food. We also went to this amazing place and it was full with Mexican stores.. I have never seen so many Mexican stores like this. We went to a Mexican ice cream place, I got a lime ice cream and after that I got a was horrible..I have never gotten sick on a family trip. We left the next day and we all did not want to leave..but we had a BLAST!!

Put a End To Child Abuse!

What I think is important is Child Abuse to stop. I think its important, because there needs to be a end to Child Abuse. I mean come on, why in the world would you ever want to abuse a child. When I see a child getting  abuse, I can´t help it, its just hard to see it happening and looking at what malicious things there going through. I just wish the parents, foster parent, or anyone else to realize what misuse there doing to these kids. I know some of these parents are crazy or have problems..but that does not mean they have to hurt the children..that does not  give them the right to make them suffer!! I mean people need to think before they do this and think about their actions, and what causes are effecting the children. I don´t like sister, brothers or little kids  or anyone else who experience this! I greedy disagree with the people who are doing this kind of disservice to the wealthy children´s. I just want people to help out these indigent children and put a STOP to this. I mean no one likes seeing these penniless children being hurt, except the custody´s  who are doing these harmful stuff to these offspring. These choices are wrong to abuse children´s its not like the parents got abused, and if they did I know what they have been through, I get it but still does not give them the right to abuse. I can´t help it and I hope you people out there do too. I want Child Abuse to STOP!